KIshalon -Burned (2003)


Kishalon were a experimental trio that were active between 2002 to 2003.


the project’s music is a mixture of ambient and slow grooves mixed with Rocky’s raging hebrew spoken word.


the album was released in the independent label miklataklitim and one of the albums tracks was featured a compiltion of Israeli electronic music made by th german label “Mile Platux”.


Kishalon didn’t had real “songs”,the tracks are a free jam session, none of the tracks lyrics was written but improvised live.


Burned was created during the second intifada , one of Jerusalem’s darkest times, the lyrics are hard social and political protest, against israel’s racist militant society and state.


the song Jerusalem describes a real story of Dj Benny the B, Rocky’s colleague that died in a terror attack in the hebrew university in Jerusalem.


Dispara- Sampler.

La La- Groovebox.

Rocky B.- Spoken word, Delay effect.



Paganism, worshiping materialistic idols and soothsayers of the unknown”

(from Paganism)