Neft- Dead



Neft are a Hebrew experimental duo comprising of Rocky B aka Tropikal Camel and Guvibosch. Both are a new breed of Hebrew punks/rebels – brave and willing to be outspoken about what they feel is right and wrong in the Middle East.


Neft, the name they have adopted for this project means “Petroleum” in Russian and also in Hebrew. It’s literally a metaphor for setting the politics of the Middle East on fire and they do just that with this, their worldwide debut release on Generation Bass.

This EP has it all, hypnotic beats, heavy bass, dark political undertones, satire, expressions of loneliness & a post apocalyptic stream of consciousness with biblical metaphors.


Rocky B's wild energy on stage, with his broken metaphoric lyrics and Guvi’s acrobatic MPC moves create a unique ritual, Jerusalem style.

The Neft EP is dark liquid, creating and destroying at the same time, harmonizing and dissenting. A sound of contrast, of conflict, of rage, wrapped in silence! Mad houses and empty cult halls, the preacher and the black stone. The moment is the true meaning; free improvisation is the key, a connection to the world beyond, mysticism without a guru, a tribe without a god, lost in empty cities.


The themes of ostracization, loneliness and rage all pervade the many subjects of the tracks on this release. This is an angry Jerusalem, an alternative anger – a reasonable anger to unreasonable circumstances.

An anger that many of you do not hear of, one which is usually overshadowed by the more well known commercial and destructive politics that you read about on the world news everyday emanating from that part of the world. You need to listen to this alternative anger, as it has more meaning and purpose!

Heavy shit, you bet.




A satire against the Israeli/Hebrew hip hop scene, "the hip hop in Hebrew is dead dead dead. this is the truth truth truth", it’s a kind of joke song using a trap style beat and quotes from one of the earliest and most famous of Hebrew Hip Hop songs “Hummus”.


2 Black Stone

A post apocalyptic stream of consciousness, with biblical metaphors from the story of Joseph and his brothers. A song about loneliness and betrayal. "in my dreams on a rocky shore, black stone drift black stone drift”.



This lyric deals with friendship and lies amongst friends and lovers. A very personal song about lies. "I Hallucinate I Hallucinate I Hallucinate I sink deep and I cannot see, this lie, this lie.”



An existential song about the absurd place of men in the universe. "in the Desert I see steel, a sculpture and on the steel sculpture I see writing, there is no God: signed by God.”


5. Jackals

A personal heartfelt ballad about the sad times of loneliness.


Music/MPC: Guvibosch 
Lyrics/Vocals: Rocky B. 
Production and Mix: Binjah 
Mastering: Richard Hughes-Binary Feedback 
Artwork: Avi Bohbot