Where else can you see on live freestyling on one stage a Russian raging punk mc along with hebrew spoken word artist and a drum and bass mc the rhymes fast flows in english and french and one mc originally from Boltimore spits Mos Def style flow in english all in one night? at the Saturday Night Shelter.


The Saturday Night Shelter was the name of resident nights at the Diwan pub in Jerusalem. those were multilingual freestyle hip hop events with a resident collective of MC's and DJ's,


Rocky was one of the leaders of group and the only hebrew mc.


Saturday Night Shelter is considered to be one of the most important collectives of the israeli groove scene, most of the mc's and dj's are key characters in the hip hop and groove scene of israel.


this mixtape was recorded live and edited by Markey Funk and relesed in limited edition.


Rocky B, Rebel Sun, mc Klin, M serious- Freestyle.

Markey Funk, Walter, Schoolmaster- Turntables Guests: Purple 59, M. kitchles, Mahmoud Shalabiishalon were a experimental trio that were active between 2002 to 2003.


Saturday Night Shelter

Mixtape (2003)