The TropiKal CaMel Israel Mini Tour


The Tropikal Camel continues his journey:

Mini Tour Dates in Israel April 2014:

Ongoing event for all the shows:


04.04.14 Uganda Tel Aviv- TroipKaL CaMel Selection of Middle East and north African music


05.04.14 Cassate Pub Jerusalem- TroPiKaL CaMel jerusalem style 2 hours live set!


10.04.14 Uganda Tel Aviv - Special jam with KSR and Jerusalem LIons Soundsystem


12.04.14 MAD AYA LIVE \ KALIMIST \ DUBZ \ LUQMAN @ Deli, Tel Aviv -Saturday night Parliament Cypher- Poetry Hebrew hip hop jam.


15.04.14 Disco Zimmer-, Tel Aviv Tropikal CaMel 3/4 Genwa ACID live set, with Haim Vitali , dina and Kotner.

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a new fresh podcast of zakho, Hebrew but real good music!

at the 17th i’m coming back to berlin and i perform in a unique event… details soon..