New TroPiKaL CamEl Video and new live dates


First i'm very excited to present the first TrOPiKaL CaMeL video clip,edited by yours truly. its a VJ style video clip, turn the volume up and dance the camel dance.

i have now a youtube channel you can pop in.

second i'v updated my soundcloud with some FRESH demos, or you can check the LIVE! section.

third: show dates

02.05.14 Panke, Berlin- The Ritual

09.05.14 Wandel bar, exhibition opening event LES FEMMES DU MAROC

by Fabienne Karmann

23.05.14 Mio'L pub,Berlin-TrOpikal CaMel Selection.

24.05.14 Humboldthain Club, Volk dance. with Africaine 808