The TrOpiKaL CaMel at Fusion Festival!!!

i'm very proud and excited to announce that i will play at the Fusion festival 2014, I will perform twice:

at the 26 thursday from 01:00 o'clock night time at the Cabaret Stage as a part of the Arab Underground project, i will perform a full crazy Tropikal camel live set and a special HAFLA set at the Cabaret stage, also me and my friend and college Freak Ass E will play b2b selection of fine middle eastern and north African delicacies

at the 27, friday at 00:00 in the Dub Station stage i will play a guest performance with X.A cute sound system,.

X.A Cute are a very unique project of global bass and they will perform with a new cast: Freak Ass e on the key and samples, Wuzi Khan on the samplers and the mic and my dear bandmate Guvi.

we are making an intimate open rehearsal this week, join us for some drinks, details here.

here is the text i wrote for the Arab Underground, i think its summarize the basic ideas and journey behind the TrOpiKaL CaMel project:

The TroPiKaL CaMEl- artist statement of Rocky B

Am i an Arab? - A question I ask myself for the last 15 years. Honestly, I don’t know the answer. But I am on a journey to find my identity and maybe questions are way more important than answers.

I'm not a nationalist so maybe I should specify the question: Am I part of the Arabic culture?

I was born in the mixed city of Jerusalem, I'm a grandson of jewish immigrants from Morocco, Austria, Iraq and Kurdistan. When I was a kid I heard Hebrew, German, Moroccan, French and Arabic. I am a mix.

But my ancestors who came from Arab states were and still are part of the Arabic culture.

When I was younger I always looked at this culture as primitive. A culture that is a part of the past with conservative religious lost values that I should remove from my identity.

I, like many other young Arab Israelis, was filled with self-racism and brainwashed to think that the Arab culture was the enemy’s culture. We, like our parents and grandparents, were aggressively taught to hate ourselves and to hate our ancestors. I believed in this lie until I was 18(!) although I had vast political awareness.

That this was a lie became more clear when I discovered the Israeli Black Panthers, a group of Arab Jews, mostly Moroccan. This was an uprise movement in the 1970s against the racist Israeli regime. They did not just demand equal rights for the jewish immigrants from Arab states but also freedom for the suppressed Palestinian people.

Of course I have never learned about the Black Panthers in school. But the discovery took me on a journey into the Arab culture that was forcefully erased by the state of Israel. I discovered the horrible crimes that have been committed and at the same time I started to listen to more and more Arabic music. Now it wasn't primitive or kitschy romantic anymore, it touched my heart and soul.

Nowadays I live in Berlin and often people ask me in Arabic: INTA ARABI? [are you Arab?]

I answer that amI not. But maybe I am. The music I love is Arabic, most of the food I cook is Arabic. My appearance is Arabic. Although I don't speak Arabic I sometimes feel being a part of the Arabic culture.

But maybe this is an illusion because I am a citizen of a racist and fascist country, controlling and violating human rights on a daily basis. I see radical nationalists and religious fanatics both in the Israeli as well as in the - Palestinian side, and both are my enemies. I feel that I was born into a conflict that will never end within me nor externally. My identity is always in conflict, but I find comfort in the voices of the Egyptian singer Abdel Halim and the Jewish Yemeni singer Ahuva Ozeri because music was and is always a center, a way to mend the broken glass.

My current project “The TrOPikAL CaMel” is a mirror of this journey. I take my roots into the future, taking old samples and process them back into my world. My music is conflict, it was created in conflict, born between suicide bombers exploding in the streets and kids dying in air strikes over Gaza. When I'm on stage I wear the Moroccan Kaftan and become the Tropikal Camel, a witch doctor, the master of ceremony. A ceremony that is trying to raise questions and purify the spirit.

Am I an Arab?

I don’t know. But I am still on this TroPiKAL CaMEL journey.

you can download the full Arab Underground program here.

see u in Fusion!!!

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