Few great projects and shows ahead, so lets begin!

-Neft will feature in the great “front” festival in Jerusalem, it's our first show since our album “Dead” was released in "Genration Bass”. for more info here.

- “Together in Berlin”- a great festival in Berlin focused on israeli electronic musicians is happening this weekend at Neue Heimat, check the event here.

-In the last two month i was really busy working on a soundtrack for a great theater/performance piece- “We Know what’s hot, Where and When” directed and created by Amit Jackobi.

This show will feature in “Ufer studios” in Berlin at the end of August, I recommend to pre order tickets , for further info here.

-I am also really proud to announce that i will release a new experimental tape “Der Schildkröte und Die Schmetterlinge Hasse" at the great label “Das Andere Selbst”, its is a soundtrack for a fashion project made by Nicole Gütel.