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New Release: “Animals, Things and Human Beings”

New release! my fourth this year, in a great label “Das Andre Selbst”, not under the “tropikal Camel” project, but under the name Rocky B.

“Animals, Things and Human Beings” was composed originally as a soundtrack to a fashion collection by the same name made by the great designer and artist Nicole Gütl.

In this collection she made five pieces each one was inspired by an animal, using only non professional models for this collection , she referred to the animals as spirits of the models. Another part of this collection was an interactive sculpture that produced sounds and was operated by an chain. I made a loop for each character for the interactive sculpture and then a song for each of the characters.

This release is a concreto hop love songs in two parts, the artwork for this release was made by the Elia Buletti.

“Animals, Things and Human Beings” is available for digital purchase and a limited edition of 50 tapes here.

20.11.15 Nomad- DJ set w/ Dj Badre.

20.11.15 Sameheads, Berlin- Volkandance w/ David Tinning, Almo negra and Nomad.

29.11.15 Madame Claude, Berlin- Exprimontag- Rocky B - Soundtracker.

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