goodbye 2015, welcome welcome 2016!


2015 was a very very productive year, I performed in many clubs and venues, met amazing people, joined the Arabstazy collective, released 5(!) releases. got good reviews and published 4 mixtapes, so it was a good year!!!

I want to thank all the labels, Dj’s, promoters and listeners for this year. have a nice one!


so for fresh news from the studio and new show dates:

“Animals. Things and Human Beings” tape got a review in the legendary “Wire” magazine. check it out here.

The Folcore crew has released a KILLA sampler, with great music including a fresh track by the Tropikal Camel -lost roots dub, and a remix from Mishmash to “In Die Hafla”, you can find it for free download here.

I have released a back release in Emek Rephaim- Dog Messiah, which is a digital platform for archiving the noise, drone and experimental scene in Jerusalem.

This piece is the most aggressive, hardcore, dark project I was involved in, and it was written as response to a rotten society full of fascism.

you can find the release for free download here.

next show dates:

05.02.16- Keith, Berlin

03.03.16- Tage der Jüdischen Kultur Festival, Chemnitz

12.02.16- Arabstazy VS big Brother, Paris, France.