Massive week

Hello listeners and followers

It is a massive week at Tropikal Camel spaceship, I am writing this post one my way from Leipzig to Berlin,it was a great weekend playing along Debruit, and rocking the open air in Leipzig this Saturday.

this week calendar:

15. 06- Nächte des Ramadan festival- future Hafla/ info below.

16.06. Keith bar/Dj set/ along Unii(Japan)/event here

17.06 Danza Globalistan meets Alegria Berlin/ Badahaus\ Dj set\ event here

I am exited to take part in a great event as part of Nächte des Ramadan festival in Berlin- Future Hafla.

In this project I will collaborate with two great musicians from Syria Milad Khawam and Maher Alkadi. Future Hafla is curated by Lobna Allami founder of the Exilstan project.

you can get further info and ticktes here, and facebook event here.

few words about this great project:

Future Hafla

Hafla - in Arabic means a party; we wish to create a Hafla that takes place in the future.

In many parts of the Arabic world and the diaspora underground musicians are fusing between the cold universe of electronic sounds and the worm melodies of the classical Arabic music, this genre is called often: Arabtronika. One of the main aspects of this emerging genre is minimizing the compositions, giving more focus to the beat.

Arabtronika actually return to the pre urban Arabic culture where the drum was the main instrument, we can see that in the tribal Dhol drum of the Kurdistan and the ecstatic Mezwed music of Tunisia, the berber music of Morocco and the early music of Egypt.

In Future Hafla we will gather classical Arabic with live electronic music, a fusion between roots and future.

The musicians in this project come from Middle East with a very different but somehow common musical background. A new collaboration on one hand is Milad Khawam on trumpet and Maher Alkadi on violin; both coming from ‘High Institute of Music’ in Damascus, and on the other end, playing on the machines/electronics is Roi Assayag aka Tropikal Camel, an autodidact musician coming from Jerusalem.

The main frame is Arabic musical system- the Maqam. The theory is the way to improvise and to find common ground among musicians from all parts of the Arab culture into a Orient fusion. The focus is on the unique rhythms of the Middle East and North Africa with the ¼ tone melodies.

Booth musicians come from conflict regions, place that are always under the shadow of war, the challenge is to step beyond the normal club experience and reflect those conflicts between rhythm and sound.

This Hafla will travel beyond. This Hafla is going to take you into the future.