From Uganda to ADE



It has bin a crazy month in a personal and musical level, I feel that it has been a year passed.

The journey to Uganda was more then amazing. From the first day of landing you feel the spirits in the air, crawling around you, and I felt those spirits and listened to the drums. it was a outer body experience.

The music I have listened from the first moment at the Neyge Neyge festival was WAI WAI WAI! , amazing music by amazing artists, there were so many I will just mentioned three:

The most crazy, amazing MC from Burkina Faso Joey de Soldat, a amazing mix between grime, dance hall, global bass with a strong performance and crazy attitude, consciousness lyrics, and great beats made by Low up's finest Max Le Daron and Akwaaba 's head Bbrave.

At the main stage was the legend of African electronic music Mammane Sani, a amazing persona and a true pioneer, that I got to know in person. His show was the most psychedelic one men show ever, mixing electronic versions for traditional songs of his tribe, the Tuareg, and cover versions of 70's Afro american soul hits, it was his FIRST ever festival performance in Africa, he has made electronic music from the early 80's, you can find more of his sounds here.

Mammane told me when we where somewhere in mountains next to the Nile, in front of a breathtaking view : " this continent (Africa) is mysteries" he referred to things he has saw in his life, and I felt this sentence all along. A similar feeling I have in my home city Jerusalem.

Third I must mentioned the Boutique Electronic Mc's show, its was one of the last shows of the festival,

Boutique electronic are a label and a collective from Kampala, that is in the core of Nyege Nyege festival.

a group of so colorful, talented, full of style Mc's. Swordmen, Lebon bls ,Blessed San, Congoloko, Crauz. For me as an Mc it was a great moment: killa groove and reggae and hip hop combined with the local styles and languages in a great harmony. I later saw a freestyle session in the local bar Hollywood Massawa , it so reminded me of my early days in freestyle cyphers in Jerusalem.

The festival as a musician was the best moment of my career, a dream come true. Tropikal Camel always has been a project that has shamanic concept, coming from my home city and my personal research, but those moments on the stage in Nyege Nyege festival was the pick, its was so clear and lucid. I have no words. thanks for every soul that was with me there, I feel blessed.

Later I headed to Kampala, there I had a two weeks residency, and I got involved in a great(still) secret project. I played two Dj sets hat was great, I had the best time in my life, thanks to all the people involved.


I am now in Netherlands getting ready for my first show in Amsterdam dance event, and I will play in a great party hosted by Afrobot and Pal/ Secam, check it out here.