New mixtape!


- Winter is as always a good time for studio work . A week ago I was in Lyon for intensive studio session at the Shouka headquarters, I am working on a secret project that will be finished soon and on Mettani new debut album's mix and I also mix Nazal's new album. Cant wait that you will hear all this AMAZING music, I feel blessed working with those great musicians that has a spirit of freedom from any musical definition.

- I have recorded a mix for the Brussels Global Hybrid label/collective , here are a few words I wrote about it plus a link:

my personal quest to revel the hidden network of connections and associations between poly rhythmic music from North Africa and the middle east and the communities of immigrants of those cultures in Europe. The mix was recorded live to maintain the raw vibe of the ritual.

This mix is an experimental down tempo trip, from the Israel Collective, one of my favorite bands in the Jerusalem's underground to the throat singing of Bahrain, from slow mushroom disco to the Tuareg auto tune ballads.

It begins with the classic Jewish Moroccan singer Zohara Elfasia, one of the stars of Moroccan music in the 40’s and 50’s., as a kid my grandmother used to sing me her songs, her voice is for me a powerful memory of a culture that has been lost and forgotten.

I fuse her amazing voice with Michael Seifu founder of Ethiopian electronics with a 6/8 rhythm scale which is a common use in Moroccan music.

My wish is to reflect how the rhythm network of African connections is always in motion. It's a rich network of immigrants and its happening in music today all over the African and middle eastern diaspora, new mutants are created connected to their roots but with a head up to the future.


1. Zahra el fassia - Ketab Ya Taleb 2. Israel- Papar(Nvo Sevori 3. Mikael Seifu - vector of light( 4. Strategy - 16 Free Jazz (Boomarm Nation) 5. Mdou Moctar -Tahoultine (Gulls Remix)(Sahel Sounds 6. Unknown- Maquam Airag (Jhdal) 7. Unknown - Sine Of The Times 8. Dupla do Txiga - Gravidez Jess & Crabbe / Bazzerk 9. Al Hadri Hamid- Lalla L-Wa'riqma - Jellaba Titara 10. Nene H.- Alaz 11. Kel Tin Lokiene - Ihama 12. Unknown- Bahri 13. Normal Nada - Aurabi(Príncipe) 14. Badawi - final warning 15. Senyawa - Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi- Hidup Damai 16. Dreems - Sine 'O' The Tymes 17. CDM - No Momento 18. Africans With Mainframes - Vibrations from the Serengeti II Hieroglyphic Being 19. Gulls Rhythm Force - A Harmonious Approach 20 Unknown- Ayak 21 Jalal el Hamdaoui - a lala bechouia 22. Babaz Fox & DJ Bebedera - Tarraxei No Box 23. Richard Rossa - Acid Hamam

you can listen to the mix here.

-In March few nice shows are coming up, one of them is me curating the middle eastern/North African floor for Schwuz club in Berlin, info sooooon.