Tropikal Camel Eretz ארץ




Eretz is the biblical hebraic word for homeland. But the Tropikal Camel takes it back to the primal meaning of earth, thus restoring its brotherhood with the arabic root Ardh. echoing his very own history, this raises a fundamental question: “what is home?” He fills his music with a deeper dimen- sion, both mystical and social, chaotic and meditative.


The ERETZ lp is a trip into the arab music legacy, a hypnotic and repetitive ritual ceremony. The distorted percussions and chopped vocals of ancient spirits are fused with industrial beats, shamanic rhymes, and metallic noise scapes. In the footsteps of the Tropikal Camel, we travel through an apocalyptic desert, a metaphor of our own introspection into identity, culture and spirituality. This music is one of conflict and harmony, a quest for equilibrium.


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All tracks except the remixes produced and mixed by Tropikal Camel

Remixes by: GuviboschShinigami San, Nu Dence Smoke, Mule Driver.

Mastering : Benoit Courribet 

Artwork by Clemence Albertus

Executive producer : Amine Metani

Label : Shouka