Tropikal Camel Artist statement 



My name is Roi Assayag , I am an Israeli and I live in the last 4 years in Berlin,Germany. I was born in Jerusalem/Al Quds and I am a musician for 18 years, I have released 13 albums and I am a member of Shouka Records and the collective Arabstazy.


My project “Tropikal Camel” is dealing throe Arabic/ North African electronic music with conflicts in my identity. It's  music of hope , dialog and acceptance. It is an experiment in which I connect between the tribal/ritualistic traditions of the Middle East and North Africa with electronic sounds.


My roots are from Morocco, Iraq , Kurdistan and Austria. I see myself as a part of the minorities in the Arabic culture.


From a young age I'm an non Zionist,  I view Zionism as white colonialist movement that and the state of Israel as a apartheid state. I am for equal rights for all Palestinians and for ending the occupation. I am for a one state solution in which all communities will have equal rights.

As an anarchist I am oppose any radical nationalism and fanatic religious views. I believe in compassion, respect and true dialogue.


If you wish to know more about my political views, please contact me.