“In Die Hafla” , means in the party (Hafla), a phrase in Arabic and German. 
This name is a reflection of Rocky’s journey to his roots in Iraq, Kurdistan, Morocco and Austria, 

This album is also a tribute to many releases in Israeli/Jewish/Arabic music culture that were and still are popularly known as hafla music, or “party music”. This kind of recordings contains celebratory songs sang in weddings and holidays, including many tracks which are cover versions of music from all over the Middle East. 


Music and mix: Rocky B the Tropikal Camel 
Mastering: ‫Erasmo Parra. 
Cover design: Tropikal Camel. 
Thanks: Erasmo. Zaho, Cherman, Nicole . 
Folcore recordings no 38 2015 

Tropikal Camel-

In Die Hafla