Rocky's 4th slbum is a theatrical psychedelic hip hop journey.


Windrose lyrics and vocals were performed by Rocky and the beats were made by Markey Funk, a international musician, Dj and collector.


Markey Funk is one of the top Dj`s in the israeli groove scene, and his solo albums got also international recondition, Windrose was his debut release.


Windrose was the result of freestyle jams that named AMN manifesto, In those events Rocky immprovied  theatrical stories and abstract flows and Markey created the beats live .

from these events the albums main concept was created- an absurd world, circus of fools and a tower of masks, a hanged revolutionary leader and blond gods.


Rocky B- vocals and lyrics

Markey Funk- music, samples, turntables, mix.

Binjah- mastering.



Rocky B & Markey Funk-

Windrose (2006)